SCOW: Space Command Orbiting Wrecker is a labor of love (and sometimes hate) that has been in off-and-on development for several years. It was originally envisioned as a roll-playing computer game, but lacked both support and sufficient technical know-how. I am, after all, a writer, not a programmer. After a few years languishing on the shelf (both the idea and the author), I determined to bring it to life as a short film. Once I began the process, however, it quickly became apparent that there was a far bigger story to tell, and the universe of SCOW began to rapidly expand — more of a small pop than a big bang. As it did, the idea of a feature film was quickly discarded in favor of a television series. As of this writing, the teleplays for ten one-hour episodes have been completed. Season Two has already been mapped out, and I’m developing ideas for Season Three.

Now, the next phase begins. Production.

I hope you will take a few minutes to look over this website, and maybe give us your thoughts on the project.

My thanks to all of the folks who have been so patient and supportive over the years, especially Mattias Marasigan and Sam Treadway (The Intelligent Machine LLC.), who have been involved since the second start.

Thanks for your time,

Gareth dePutron, Creator