The twins are rude, crude, hard partying, and very female. These hotshot Grabber jocks handle all of the extra vehicular activities and are always competing with each other to go faster and take more chances. There is plenty of sibling rivalry, but they’re always watching each others’ back. They almost invariably know what the other is thinking. Not much is known about their past, but they definitely fly to a different drummer. Authority is not their favorite flavor, but they like Church and Loader. When working in the Grabber exosuits, they are prone to blasting anything from Beethoven to Black Sabbath over their headsets. They are perfectly able to perform intricate ballets when suited up, but tend to be more than a bit clumsy under gravity. The Twins are considered the best in the business (small as it is), and they really enjoy the work – when they don’t get distracted by shiny things. As Grabber jocks, the twins are also in charge of exterior ship repairs.