Captain Church commands the Chekov, even though he was invited to leave Space Command for reasons that change depending on who’s asking. He’s been married at least twice; his second wife left him while he was on a mission, taking their young son with her. He’s casually sarcastic and a bit of a practical joker, but serious about his job. Church is middle-aged, in fairly good shape, and probably was once considered ruggedly handsome. He’s the kind of guy you’d want watching your back in a tight situation, and can be counted on for excruciatingly honest answers . . . if you ask a direct question. He has been around long enough that he feels he has nothing to gain or lose by being honest, even if it hurts someone, though he isn’t likely to go out of his way to do so. He has a devil-may-care, oh-grow-a-set outlook on just about anything, combined with a streak of larceny when needed. Although Church trusts his crew, and tends to let Canfield and Van Doern run the ship, he nonetheless wants to know everything that’s going on. This is his last chance at command, and he is resigned to being surrounded by eccentrics and lunatics.