Major General Myles Larkin, Commander, Space Command HQ – Larkin’s a by-the-book type, but harbors a secret desire to be in space, even on the Chekov. Church once served under him, and they are still close friends. He is Canfield’s direct commander. Larkin is tall and distinguished, graying at the temples, and born and raised in a Marine family.

Eva Swain, Obscenely Wealthy Industrialist – Swain’s company is the primary legitimate salvage purchaser, and clandestine fence. Swain is in her mid-thirties, and got where she is by stepping on a lot of people on the way up. Her personal motto could be “What’s mine is mine, and so is yours.” She is a large contributor to about a dozen politicians, has absolutely no sense of humor, and would pull the wings off flies if she thought it would gain her more power. She is the sole owner and stockholder in Swain Industrie Nationale (SIN).

Jeremy Wainthrope, Swain’s Personal Assistant – Jeremy is a bit of a self-important prig, tall, thin, and balding, and totally devoted to Swain. He has an encyclopedic mind, a photographic memory, and knows all of the inner workings of Swain’s world. His main job is to make sure no dirt gets on the boss.

Russett Burbank, Network News Anchor – Burbank is in his thirties, vain, and working for a FOX-esque network. He is prone to half-truths and innuendo, utilizes unknown sources, has obvious political aspirations, and doesn’t really believe that space flight is real. He sees conspiracies everywhere, but doesn’t realize the only real ones involve him. He has a massive ego, is narcissistic, and never admits when he’s wrong. One of his goals in life is to bed Crafty Beavers.

Crafty Beavers, Network Meteorologist – She may have a questionable name, but Crafty is a topnotch, serious weathercaster. She often plays the dumb blonde to get what she wants, is constantly fending off Burbank’s advances, and is Swain’s current girlfriend.