Loader has a no-nonsense approach to her ship and people in general, and has likely come from a very hard background, though she seldom talks about it. She got in a barroom brawl on the space station, where she punched out a very senior officer with wandering hands. In need of a new Chief Engineer, Church and Van Doern “liberated” Loader from the military police prior to her being sent Earthside to prison. She maintains a complete hands-off policy (theirs, not hers) with the rest of the crew. She knows every inch of SCOW, and hates them all – although it’s more of a love-hate relationship. She has a very colorful Spanish vocabulary, which she uses frequently when dealing with mechanical and personal problems. She supervises Tubbs and his Sorter crew, and Axe and Whizzer Brody, the Grabber jocks. When she’s not on duty, she is usually working out, unless she’s at Flotsam’s. She’s average height, with dark hair and eyes. She has her softer side, which she prefers to keep hidden, but loves cats and soap operas. Her closest friends aboard are the Brody twins, has a crush on Church, and dealing with Tubbs just exasperates her.