Canfield is a 30-something paraplegic (training accident) who uses a wheelchair in gravity, but doesn’t need it otherwise. As First Officer and Space Command’s official representative aboard the Chekov, he is usually the command pilot, and he likes things done by-the-book. He is a highly capable, intelligent, officer who tends to be introspective and a bit strict and stuffy. Canfield sometimes has a little trouble thinking outside his own box, and is somewhat less than suave in social settings. He’s aboard the Chekov because he wants to be, because space removes many of his earth-bound restrictions, and because he has dreamed of going into space since he was a kid. Canfield could have his legs repaired, but neither the government nor his salary will cover the procedure. He has little respect or confidence in Church, and none at all in Van Doern, with whom he has the misfortune of sharing quarters. He scares the hell out of Tubbs, and the rest of the crew either ignores or avoids him whenever they can. He has a genius IQ, and has some difficulty dealing with anyone not on his level.