Tubbs supervises the Sorters, and maintains the Grabber exosuits and cargobots. He works primarily in the cargo hold and is seldom seen anywhere else on the ship. He does, however, back up the Chief Engineer as needed. This is sometimes difficult due to his inherent fears and insecurities. When confronted by anyone who makes him uncomfortable (which is anyone in authority, female, or both), he develops a pronounced stutter and copious sweat, making it almost impossible to carry on a conversation with him. Loader scares the crap out of him, but he is fairly comfortable talking to Sing and Dr. Herzog, and has no problem at all with his Sorter crew. He wants more than anything to be a Grabber jockey, but can’t qualify since having only one good eye limits his depth perception. He has the tendency to wear glasses with only one lens. He is thoroughly trained in exosuit repair and maintenance, as well as the ship’s engineering. Loader is his direct supervisor and therefore the one who issues instructions. Contrary to his name, Tubbs is rather tall and slender. He’s well-muscled and agile, but is showing signs of a gut, and is a bit of a geek. “Neat” is not in his vocabulary. Tubbs and his Sorters are in charge of interior ship repairs. He has a split personality, and his confidant and alter ego is Jack, the skull of a long-dead cosmonaut.