Sorters are hard working (when they feel like it), hard drinking, hard everything. They are responsible for moving and storing anything the Grabbers dump in the bay, and they rather resent the fact that the twins get all the attention. There is a rivalry that results in often dangerous practical jokes. These three could not look any more different, and the only thing they have in common is their love of booze and Grabber envy. Todd and Niedermier are women. Willis Todd is slender and probably attractive under the usual layer of dirt. She got her nickname shortly after joining the crew, when her nametag was damaged by one of O’Leary’s “explosive” jokes, with the top of the first “d” burned off.  Though Todd will date just about any guy, she has a major crush on Hop Sing. Niedermier (no first name) is large, loud, and crude, and totally ambiguous when it comes to gender. She and Todd share a total lack of interest in hygiene and a love for booze and anything gross. Of the Sorters, Sean O’Leary is actually the cleanest, but not the smartest. He loves booze, women, strip poker, and a good fight. In their shared quarters, they maintain their own unique level of cleanliness.