Axe and Whizzer Brody

Master James M. Brody, VII

Brody Enterprises

JMB8-2027 c/o brodyemp34772


Dearest James.

Just thought we owed it to you and Mum to at least let you know that we’re all okay.  We located Will, although it wasn’t easy finding someone who didn’t want to be found.  It was really more of a chance encounter in a strange place.  You know that being the youngest, Will was the most affected by losing Dad.  So you shouldn’t have been surprised at the result.

I’m sure that you and Mum will be terribly scandalized, but we’ve decided to stay here with Will.  Please don’t ask where here is.  Mum would have one of her designer fainting spells and take to her bed and bottle again.  Dad would have understood, and I’m convinced that wherever he is, he’s laughing.  And quite frankly, James, we don’t give a rat’s poop if you approve or not!  It’s well past time that we had lives of our own, instead of just existing in the privilege of the Brody shadow.  Sitting around listening to Mum’s whining and you yelling?  Not fun!

We’ve all found jobs (yes, we do know how to work), so don’t be concerned that we’ll blow through our Trusts.  Our pay isn’t that much, but more than enough for our needs.  Our coworkers are more like family than, well, they just are.  A little on the eccentric side, but we love them for it.  None of us are registered by our real names or codes, so please don’t bother yourself trying to find us, although it probably wouldn’t take much for someone with your vast influence.  You wouldn’t recognize us now, especially Will, and I’m sure you would not approve of that, either.  But not to worry; no one is likely to ever connect us with you, and that’s the way we want it, right?

So that’s it, I guess.  Please at least pet Rocky and Sam for us, and even Mum’s nasty little Muffy (I’d suggest thick gloves).

Do have a nice day, James.  And kiss kiss to Mum.

Alexis, Victoria and Willis

APB-2032 c/o brodyemp27289

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